Instruction on how to buy your 2-Year or 5-Year
Pro Forma linked Excel Spreadsheet File

Excel spreadsheet files are available in either the linked 2-Year format or the 5-Year format.

The 2-Year file is about ˝ Meg in size while the 5-Year file is over 1 Meg in size. The 2-Year file has 10 accessible spreadsheet files all linked together while the 5-Year file has 25 accessible spreadsheet files all linked together.

Of course you need the book of instructions in order to properly fill out these pro forma spreadsheets. The book goes into much detail on how to fill out Year 1. Within the book you get needed information to either continue straight on to filling in the Year 2 spreadsheets or to manually reinitialize the start-up for Year 2 from the results of Year 1. It is, of course, easier to simply move directly on to Year 2 using the provided Year 2 spreadsheets in the linked file. If using the 5-Year file, there is nothing unusual about filling in Years 3, 4, and 5 the same way as you move from Year 1 to Year 2. So the instruction book works for either the 2-Year or the 5-Year Excel file.

As you are probably aware, the book can be purchased from Amazon at a price of $14.95 plus shipping. The title is: Pro Forma Financial Statements by Robert Lantz

At this time, we have the Pro Forma spreadsheet download sites set up to accept payments to PayPal. It helps if you will provide your name, mailing address and phone number at the payment site also.

The cost for the 2-Year “Pro Forma” Financial Statements linked spreadsheet file: $170.00

The cost for the 5-Year “Pro Forma” Financial Statements linked spreadsheet file: $380.00

If you need more copies of the instruction book, I can mail them to your provided address at a cost of $10 per book, for any quantity (shipping included) also paid to me manually through PayPal. Make sure you provide your mailing address to the PayPal order.

For the books you can make payment to me using PayPal
and my email address: