When the power goes off in Y2K, it won't make much difference here!

Mom made a mid-year '99 check on the state of preparedness for Y2K in the North Carolina woods.

She found the site just as ready as it ever has been
... in fact, as it always has been.

No lights. No water. Porch still standing. Trails a little more defined. And an improved 10-acre outhouse location (with a new helpful handrail add-on).

And what to her wondering eyes should appear, but a GGB full of grandsons bringing in good cheer.

Mom flanked by grandson Bob, son Bob, and grandson Bill, toast the end of another millennium.

Wait a minute. We need to clean up that shot. OK. Here is the group suitable for anyone to view.

And who else was out there taking those photos? Well, here is a shot to show Bob and the two women who claim to love him, even with the beard.

Mom, Bob and Joyce.

Oh yes, the GGB. A conjunction of vacation-abilities. The grandsons showed up in the Great Green Bus campmobile, and it made it down the narrow rutted road to the cabin. So while the elders "camped" in the wooden structure, the hardy youths "camped" in the steel one.

Hard to see, but there is a cabin just outside the sleeping quarters of the GGB.

Yes, Bob and Bill slept 2 nights right outside the cabin in the popped-top 2-level bus.

The clouds rolled in and the weather changed often. We had pre-rain, post-rain, and just plain rain. And although Bob could keep coming up with ideas of trail clearing, wall building or other constructive projects to pass the rainy afternoons:

The younger contingent kept reminding him that we all were on vacation.

Bob got the idea, and Mom enjoyed the discussion time.

Except that Mom had some clearing projects of her own envisioned. Here Bob tries to describe the value of a certain dead "stump" as a source of food and shelter for woodland fauna. While Mom tries to describe view enhancements which could occur if we'd remove some of the more prominent debris.

A 20-foot high remnant of a dead tree is in the background. Before the weekend was out, that marker was named
"Max Stump"
by all who heard it being discussed.

Even though it rained often during the 3 days and 2 nights we stayed out there, all had a good time. Some shopped for crafts in Dillsboro, some played in the river. Some showered using the primitive method of pouring stove-heated water into a solar bag-shower and using a corner of the porch for a shower stall.

All contributed to the Cherokee Indian betterment fund by eating at an excellent buffet at the nearby Harrah's casino, then dropping some change their way
(except for Bob who claims to have a winning, but slow, system to beat their BlackJack machine.)

It came time to depart. The GGB headed back to Nashville, while the elders returned to Cleveland.

But first a toast to our meeting.

And it looks from here that the GGB stopped in the middle of the Smoky Mountains (near the TN/NC line where US 441 tunnels through the rugged terrain) ... to take a nap??

Thanks to Bob of Nashville for providing these photos in .GIF format so we could post this remembrance.

Yes, there is a cabin on the Tuckaseegee, standing and ready for Y2K.
We welcome more visits and reunions.

.... to be continued .....

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