A cold snap in early 2000,

And we returned to the Piney River Trail

Bob and Joyce find a crisp, clear day to hike along the Piney River, a return hike from last springtime when we hiked the first 3 miles in and returned the same distance while enjoying the wildflowers. This time we hiked with friends, and managed to set shuttle cars at both ends so we could hike the entire 10 mile length of the trail. We followed the river downstream
(ie: downhill!).

The weather had been below freezing, day and night for about a week before we took the hike. We found a couple of inches of snow along the river banks, which was a bit of a surprise for us. But the biggest surprises were the icicle formations found at the water seeps along the riverside bluffs. And when we took a side trail to the Spider's Den Bluff: WOW!

You gotta be there at the right time to see a sight like this!

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