And we managed to get out a couple of times to check out the wildflowers

Bob scans the countryside looking for wildlowers and poison ivy,

Joyce simply wonders how she got so far off the trail

That particular hike up the Piney River gorge in the Cumberland Plateau provided plenty of wildflower sightings. We estimate over 20 different varieties were spotted. We found at least a half a dozen different varieties of trillium, along with the usual bluets, white-ets, viol-ets, Solomon Seal, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, dwarf iris, and more. The only ones missing were Trout Lilly and Lady Slipper.

Then a subsequent trip to the cabin brought us back outdoors in the middle of the Lady Slipper blooming season.

Caution: The following photo has not been edited to remove any of Nature's explicit detail.

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