The reprise of Grizzly and Wolfman.
Yes, the "boy-builders" are back at it.

After resting on their laurels for a couple of years, the "boy-builders" decided to hone their cabin construction skills by knocking off another small cabin during 1999.

This cabin is located on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, near Crossville. Being only 16-feet by 12-feet (whereas "Jerry", the predecessor cabin was 16-feet by 24-feet), this effort became known as their "single-wide" cabin construction.

The "... boys" are getting a little older, a little stiffer, a little creaky in the joints. So creature comforts during the construction process got more attention this time around. We looked around, and sure enough "creature comforts" were ready and waiting for the call.

So we called Nashville and arranged for a mobile "construction shack" to be delivered onto the site.

Yes, look to the left of this on-site photo.
There it is:

The Great Green Construction Shack!

With the GGCS continuously on-site, we've been able to roll in there for a day or two of post-hole digging and nail pounding. And our efforts finally began to show results

Using milled telephone poles (sliced up into dimensional lumber) we've constructed a subfloor that will last much longer than either "... builder" will.

Finally the subfloor appeared and now, at least, we have a place to rest
... or to enjoy an afternoon refreshment.

Note that the Great Green Construction Shack has been moved away from the platform. This was needed because the next step was to add a "porch" to the platform.

We finished the porch (another 8-foot floor extension into that space where the bus used to be parked). And the busy construction site will now get a rest (until September) when we'll return to produce ----- Walls

So the GGCS returned to Cleveland (for a mandated clean-up), while it gets ready to venture forth under its former banner:

The Great Green Bus!

.... to be continued .....

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