A couple of years of Cabin Construction
in the North Carolina mountains
... '96 and '97!

Here we see a couple of years of building effort on a hillside overlooking the Tuckaseegee River in Western North Carolina.

Back in mid-'96, a couple of novice cabin builders camped on-site and provided TWO intensive weeks of labor and problem solving in late May of that year to produce a simple 16-foot by 24-foot one-room cabin.

They then came back for more construction ... this time it was a soaring porch structure out over the hillside.

Use this link to:

See their remarkable work in the archived '96 pages

(The '96 archives also contain exclusive photos of the Olympic Torch,
an old green VW bus and the GrandMom.)

We continued our weekend efforts into the Fall, then left the cabin to winter over as was shown in our last update:

This year was a little different. Rather than two grizzly carpenters working out in the woods, there was only one nail bender.

Wow. What a difference. Two builders can easily accomplish more than twice what a solitary constructor can manage. Yet that solitary worker hustles even harder than before. And it can be strangely quiet! No discussions are held. Decisions are made on the fly, almost by default. And they aren't always right.

Early in the day only the sounds of nails meeting their fate break the silence. Later, as the day and the solo endurance slowly expire, comments began to join with the general clatter of construction: "You're the nail. I have the hammer. Just go in this wood and accept it!"

Funny thing about several days (and nights!) alone in the woods. For one thing, one doesn't really think all that deeply as might be expected. In fact I got bored with my thoughts. "Mundane." "Been there." "Done that." "Not really interested." "Can't you sing or something?"

Such was the other half of conversations going on internally. No really significant pondering. All I seemed to find out was that there never seemed to be enough daylight, yet there was always more rain than needed.

This year we got a late start on the springtime building part of the project. No one moved on-site for continuing construction until early June. It seemed that a little Toyota 4WD was abused during earlier movements of materials out there, and it terminally threw its transmission (for the 2nd time in less than 6 months) enroute on Memorial Day weekend.

Time delay while another vehicle was purchased. A red '94 Chevy S-10 pickup with 60,000 miles. OK. Put some mud grip tires on the back of that horse and let's get to work.

So let's take a look at this year's progress:

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