THE WHOLE HISTORY From Beginning To End
of The Blue Hole Canoe Company

Including my life and times during the whole history of this Company
By Bob Lantz

The 231 page book with Blue Hole Canoe Company archival pictures, some in color, can be purchased from Amazon at a price of $29.95 plus shipping. The title is: LEAN DOWNSTREAM!! by Bob Lantz
Search Amazon for this book.

At this time, we do not have a web store set up. And there is no ebook available.
However if you want a signed copy of the book, simply contact me and I will sign and ship you a book at the same price, $29.95, which includes shipping.

Simply send me an email providing your intentions to buy the book and provide your mailing address. It helps if you will provide your phone number and any other instructions for personalizing the signature.

You can then make payment to me using
and my email address: rblantz@smallbus.com

When I am notified about the payment, I will sign and mail your copy.
Again, directly from me, the cost for Lean Downstream!! is $29.95 per copy for any number of copies and this includes shipping.

Thanks for your interest!