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Basketry, cabin building, VW tripping in our Westy, hiking in the BSF, Western North Carolina hiking, building an energy efficient retirement house on the Tuckaseegee River ... (so far)

Bob and Joyce Lantz

The 2001 Cabin inside wall covering project!

And be sure to see this interesting cabin shot!

The Ice-covered Riverside Bluff.

Redcar 2000!

Recent adventures

Our coastal "walk" with the Walkers

Mom's '99 cabin visit (and cameo appearance of the GGB)!

The outside eave construction

Building Jerrison, the singlewide!

A springtime wildflower hike

Visit the NC cabin pages

Trip cross-country in a VW bus...

Beginning basketry

1999 Big South Fork Hike

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It's now 2020 and we have our own time warp ... We're upgrading this site from when it was established back in 2001. We've finished the cabin. We've taken some great trips in the VW bus. We've lived in the cabin for a year while building a house higher on the hill above the river. We've taken many hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, other hikes off the Blue Ridge Parkway, interesting hikes in the Nantahala National Forest and elsewhere around Western North Carolina. So we will be putting up more links into some of these experiences. We're retired now full time in the mountains, but still using the cabin and still driving the VW bus. We WILL rework this site this year and bring it up to date. So please keep in touch.

When you come back to this page, we will try to have some interesting photos about the building of a timberframe, ground source heat pump, well insulated full-year occupied mountain house out in our very pleasant rural area of Western North Carolina in Dillsboro, just outside Sylva. Joyce will post information about the Dogwood Craft Co-op she joined in Dillsboro. It is a must-see destination for anyone traveling through these mountains. Bob will list some of the 6000+ foot mountains and the interesting waterfalls in Jackson County where we live in Western North Carolina.

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